Flight Schools Subject To 49 CFR Part 1552

The TSA legal interpretation of certain definitions and exemption from certain requirements contained in 49 CFR part 1552 pertaining to “flight training” and “recurrent flight training”. Docket No. TSA-2004-19147 (2004) Legal Interpretation (PDF)

Sport Pilot Proficiency Checks and Flight Reviews

Specific questions were asked pertaining to Sport Pilot proficiency checks and flight reviews and the status of an authorized instructor during a Sport Pilot proficiency check. These required a policy determination rather than a legal interpretation. FAA-AFS800_Palmer1 (PDF)

Advanced Trike Maneuvers

Recently it has been recognized that advanced trike maneuvers, above and beyond the PTS, should be developed and practiced for safety and additional pilot proficiency. First, the spiral and spiral dive maneuver entry and exit should be known for every pilot. A spiral is a very high banked turn that can be entered from unintended […]

SLSA Maintenance Manuals – (2013) – FAA Legal Interpretation

A game-changing response from the Regulations Division of the Office of the Chief Counsel – In the request, FAA Legal was asked for a determination as to whether the information contained in the maintenance manuals for aircraft issued special airworthiness certificates in the light-sport category (S-LSA) is mandatory. Willette-Dodge Center Aviation – (2013) – FAA […]

Use of Batteries in Ultralight Vehicles

The FAA indicated it will not give a gasoline “fuel allowance” to be credited against weight for batteries. Given that fuel weighs 6 lbs. per gallon, or 30 lbs. for the maximum legal gas an ultralight can carry. Carpenter – Rainbow Aviation Services – (2012) Legal Interpretation (PDF)

Adding WSC Trike to Your Pilot Certificate

These are the steps to take to add a Category/ Class to your pilot certificate (such as sport or private pilot airplane adding additional category sport pilot weight-shift control trike). How To Add a New “Category and/or Class” for all Pilots and Certified Flight Instructors at the sport pilot level For all Pilots and Sport […]

Rotax Training Requirements- FAA Legal Interpretation

The adoption of the Sport Pilot/Light Sport Aircraft Rule in 2004, and the FAA interpretation requiring, in some cases, “Manufacturer’s Factory Approved Training” to provide service and line maintenance to Special Light-Sport Aircraft (SLSA), caused some confusion among aviation maintenance professionals. The Rotax Factory Training Courses were at the center of this controversy. Therefore, Carol […]

Commercial Trike Operations

Here is a list of the operations/activities that are possible with a trike commercial pilot certificate/license. Overall these would provide new jobs plus save energy/money over the conventional helicopter and airplane aerial operations. Power/natural gas/oil pipeline patrol Border patrol Law patrol/enforcement Fly cargo/medical supplies to small remote areas Search and rescue Disaster relief Wildlife management […]

Commercial Trike Pilot

The following is my proposal for a Commercial Trike Pilot License (weight-shift control aircraft pilot certificate) . The hours are more than a Private Pilot WSC and in some cases lower that a commercial airplane certificate. Instrument and complex aircraft requirements were taken out. Although the complete subpart F would have to be rewritten to […]