Commercial Trike Aircraft

The following are modifications to the FAR Title 14 Part 91 WSC Trike aircraft needed which is not modified yet: § 91.319 Aircraft having experimental certificates: Operating limitations. (a) No person may operate an aircraft that has an experimental certificate— (1) For other than the purpose for which the certificate was issued; or (2) Carrying […]

Why Commercial Trike TPS

The following is discussion on this issue at Trike Pilot Social: Commercial Trike license to expand triking. What is the best strategy? Published by: Paul Hamilton on 27th May 2011 | View all blogs by Paul Hamilton Now that the sport pilot/LSA was been around for a while, we need a commercial trike licence (or […]

Why Commercial Trike EAA

The following is my post at EAA 360 and provides insite and ideas on this new pilot certificate Commercial Trike Pilot Certificate needed Posted By: Paul Hamilton Posted: 7/1/2010 16:15:21 Now that the sport pilot/LSA was been around for a while, we need a commercial trike licence (or weight-shift control certificate as the FAA calls […]

Use of Manufacturers’ Publications – FAA Legal Interpretation

The response to MacMillian’s letter of request to the FAA Office of the Chief Counsel and a copy of their letter of interpretation (LOI) is included with this article and should be fairly self-explanatory. Some folks said “No, this is specific for type certificated aircraft” Thus the next letter dated 8-21-13 specifies Light Sport Aircraft. […]


There is allot of confusion about the endorsements for student pilots, sport pilots, private pilots, transitioning pilots and CFI’s for light-sport aircraft (LSA). So here are all the endorsements organized and easy to understand format. Click here for all the endorsements:

Ground School for Weather

There are two types of weather knowledge all pilots need to learn: 1. How to get through the FAA knowledge test and 2. Understanding weather, utilizing modern weather resources, and correlating these to your specific flight plans to fly safe. Looking at the FAA Knowledge test and the FAA resources, the FAA does a pretty […]

What is Ground School

There is confusion as to what ground school really is. Let me share with you the three types of ground school. It should be understood that “Ground School” has evolved over the years to be “studying to pass the FAA knowledge test”. As far as the commonly advertised “Ground School” goes, nothing is further from […]

ROTAX 912 Operators Intro eLearning Course

An on-line eLearning course for renters, students, pilots, owners and mechanics is now available at This is needed by FBO’s, schools, instructors, and manufacturers to qualify operators for “basic” operating the ROTAX 912 engines. This is especially important for pilots and mechanics transitioning from classic aircraft engines (Continental/Lycoming) to the ROTAX 912. This course […]

ROTAX 912 Introduction DVD update

With the ROTAX engine new to general aviation, it’s unique operation and maintenance characteristics are important for trouble free operation. The ASA DVD “ROTAX 912 Engine Introduction – Basic Operation and Maintenance for Pilots and Mechanics” has helped new and seasoned pilots plus mechanics understand the ROTAX 9 series. Now there is an update that supplements […]

PPC Maintenance

Figuring out the LSA maintenance requirements can be challenging for the owner and the mechanic. Who can do what is explained in our comprehensive section on Maintenance and Inspection