untitled Recently it has been recognized that advanced trike maneuvers, above and beyond the PTS, should be developed and practiced for safety and additional pilot proficiency. First, the spiral and spiral dive maneuver entry and exit should be known for every pilot. A spiral is a very high banked turn that can be entered from unintended turbulence or entered intentionally by the pilot for rapid altitude loss. Exiting a spiral is not a natural reflex based on basic pilot training and unwanted results from pilot not properly trained in spiral recovery had led to pilots spiraling into the ground. Simply, if pilots are trained how to properly exit a spiral, lives will be saved. This is the basis of this chapter was was added to the Weight-Shift Control Aircraft Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge. Additional maneuvers (Chandelle and Lazy Eight) were added that are used for commercial airplane training which help build pilot proficiency and new skills.

These maneuvers are excellent for pilot flight reviews and CFI training. Do not attempt these maneuvers and make sure your instructor is proficient in these maneuvers before advanced maneuvers training. Not all instructors are proficient or train these advanced maneuvers.

Here is the chapter from the Weight-Shift Control Aircraft Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge book on advanced trike maneuvers.
Chapter 5 Advanced Flight Maneuvers