Your Flight Instructors

Paul Hamilton

Paul Hamilton owns and manages Sport Aviation Center and organizes the flight and training for the Light-Sport Aircraft. Paul is honored to have these additional flight instructors working with you for Flight and Ground training.

Paul Hamilton About: Click here.

Paul Hamilton Bio: Click here.

Michaela Flint

Michaela Flint is the only female Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) on the West Coast teaching in Weight-Shift Control (WSC) Trike, Light Sport Aircraft (LSA).

Michaela holds ratings with the FAA:


Private Pilot
FAA Certified Flight Instructor – Sport (CFI-S)

Trike Weight-Shift Control Light Sport Aircraft:

Sport Pilot
FAA Certified Flight Instructor – Sport

Matt Gaylord

Matt Gaylord is a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)