Your Flight Instructors

Paul Hamilton

Paul Hamilton owns and manages Sport Aviation Center and organizes the flight and training for the Light-Sport Aircraft. Paul is honored to have these additional flight instructors working with you for Flight and Ground training.

Paul Hamilton About: Click here.

Paul Hamilton Bio: Click here.

Michaela Flint

Michaela Flint is the only female Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) on the West Coast teaching in Weight-Shift Control (WSC) Trike, Light Sport Aircraft (LSA).

Michaela holds ratings with the FAA:


Private Pilot
FAA Certified Flight Instructor – Sport (CFI-S)

Trike Weight-Shift Control Light Sport Aircraft:

Sport Pilot
FAA Certified Flight Instructor – Sport

Matt  Bowers – ATP, Airplane CFI, CFII, Commercial, Instrument

Matt Bowers has the Airline Transport Pilot rating to fly the jets. He has extensive experience with light sport aircraft.  Matt provides quality instruction for Sport to Private to Commercial, tailoring the pilot to the task. A great asset for all pilots.