Here's What Others Are Saying...

Ray from Las Vegas traveled to Reno/Carson to get checked out in our aircraft here and take his check ride after training in Las Vegas:
“After doing a bunch of research on the net, I found Paul Hamilton in Carson City…I contacted Paul several times over the phone and through email over several months…There was a backlog here for DPE’s in Las Vegas where I live, I wanted to do my check ride now not continue to wait! I was ready…Paul promptly returned both email and phone calls. We made the date 03-13-2013. I trained with CFI Earl Kessler for the two hours required time so he could recommend me to Paul for my Checkride. ( Weather could not have been more perfect!!!) We took off around 0930 Wednesday morning at around 1100 Paul shook my hand saying “Congratulations you’re now a new Sport Pilot!” What a feeling…. all the months of preparation had finally paid off…I have to say Paul was in a word simply the best! Easy to communicate, very patent, really fun to fly with and makes learning to fly a true Joy! After the Checkride we went over a few things and did the paperwork I then had my temporary Sport Pilot license in hand…. I even had him sign the book “Sport Pilot Check Ride” that I had studied to get to this point, That Paul had written, (highly recommend for all sport pilots). I figured It may be a collector’s item one day!!!! In Closing Thank you, Paul! Really appreciate all your amazing instruction. Most Respectfully.”

-Ray. Las Vegas, NV

Julie from Salt Lake City, Utah flew her airplane over to do her airspace endorsement for Class C at Reno-Lake Tahoe International KRNO.
“Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, patience and guidance in instructing me today! I perform well when I pick up on the confidence and skill of my instructor, and you are obviously a master at instructing! You made the lesson quite fun, and I went home with a great sense of accomplishment! I very much appreciate your suggestions and would love to fly more with you to get a fresh pair of eyes and suggestions on my flying skills. I also definitely want to pursue learning CFI skills from you as well, when I’m ready! I’m very impressed with the syllabus you developed on the Class C material, and I’m definitely going to laminate the ATC script you gave me, and put it in my personal checklist that I’m putting together–the “Julie checklist” so far has my personal minimums for WX, visibility, winds, and some risk management mnemonics like PAVE and I’M SAFE. It was a great pleasure learning with you, and I greatly look forward to continuing to fly with you!”.

-Julie. Salt Lake City, UT