Sport Aviation Center

Learn to fly light-sport airplane and weight-shift control trikes with industry leader, Paul Hamilton at Sport Aviation Center LLC in Carson City (KCXP).

Full-time instructors, nice aircraft, excellent flying weather year round, and FAA Examiners (DPE) all in one location to make it easy for you to…

  • Obtain your Sport Pilot or Private Pilot license to fly an airplane LSA
  • Obtain your Sport Pilot or Private Pilot license to fly WSC trike LSA
  • Become a Sport Pilot Certified Flight Instructor (CFIS) for airplane or trike

If you are a student pilot, aircraft owner, pilot or returning pilot, virtual pilot, aviation mechanic, or flight instructor this is the place to find all information and training resources in one central location.

Online Aviation Pilot Training Courses

Aviation eLearning is our web-based online courses for aviation pilots learning to fly airplane and trike weight-shift control light sport aircraft.

Expansive self-study courses for the individual with dreams of being a world-class pilot and you can learn at your own pace. Lifetime access no renewal fees.

Our Comprehensive “Learn to Fly” courses include:

  • Flight training with all the flight maneuvers in the aircraft flying
  • Ground school to pass the FAA written
  • Ground and flight training of required aeronautical knowledge to become a safe and confident pilot
  • Ground and flight test prep to pass the final FAA checkride
Paul Hamilton's Sport Aviation Center Online Aviation Pilot Training Courses

Aviation Pilot Training

Sport Aviation Center LLC offers LSA Pilot Training at Carson City Airport in Carson City, NV.

Our location in the High Sierra Desert near Lake Tahoe, with year round relatively temperate weather conditions, is a big plus – you can log more flying hours faster and get your certification quicker.

Our instructors are seasoned pilots teaching full time and not “time building” to move onto the airlines. We love to teach you to fly.

View of Lake Tahoe from Washoe Valley


The Airplane Factory Sling 2

Evolution Trikes REVO




The Sling 2 has the best handling characteristics, modern glass panels, and convertible top to make this the best LSA airplane in its class. This is our primary airplane for Sport and Private training and FAA certification.

Or you trike enthusiasts, get trained in the top of the line Evolution Trikes REVO, which is the best trike available in the world today, with the easiest handling and most forgiving flying characteristics.

Trikes For Sale

Weight Shift control LSA Trikes For Sale is the place to buy your Trike. And then get trained (or transitioned) in your new trike with me, Paul Hamilton. I’ll help you figure out what options you want and find the very best WSC trike for you.


Evolution Trikes REVO S-LSA 100 HP 12.4M WING USED FOR SALE

Click here for details and videos.

Airplane LSA For Sale

Buy a Airplane Light Sport Aircraft and get trained (or transitioned) in your new airplane with me, Paul Hamilton. I’ll help you figure out what options you want and find the very best airplane for you.

Pilot Stores is our online pilot store for student pilot applicants, pilots and flight instructors flying airplane and WSC trikes. We sell the books we wrote and self publish. We have paper and downloadable books.

These are all included in our eLearning on-line “Learn to Fly” courses but many still like the paper books so we offer these.

FAA Weight Shift Control Flying Handbook cover

Go Fly!

Go Fly! Sport Aviation Center is dedicated to helping people learn to fly by providing information to sport pilots, private pilots, certified flight instructors, and owners flying Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). We make flying more accessible to you.

Weather To Fly

Use the WEATHER TO FLY® pilot weather system to learn what weather conditions to look for when planning your flight.

Paul Hamilton's Sport Aviation Center Weather To Fly


SAC TV is Sport Aviation Center’s library of Adventure Productions award-winning videos produced by Paul Hamilton.

Over 270 free videos of all varieties:

  • Learning to fly
  • How to pass a checkride/checkride tips
  • Fun and adventure
  • Cross country in LSA
  • How to choose options for buying and aircraft
  • Maintenance tips
  • Feature film archives
  • Much more

Simulator Flight Training

About Simulator Flight Training online here.

Hamilton Pilot Training System

Featuring the Hamilton Pilot Training System (HPTS), flight and ground training system to accelerate your learning to fly either airplane or trike weight shift control light sport aircraft to become to become a Sport Pilot, Sport Pilot Certified Flight Instructor (CFIS), or Private Pilot.

If you are a CFI that wants a comprehensive training program, the HPTS is available for use in your Flight School. Contact Paul.

Sport Pilot Training Syllabus

Train With The Best!

As you can see, we have great facilities, a year round location, comprehensive training system, numerous aircraft, and excellent flight instructors ready to assist you in your adventure of becoming a pilot and learning to fly.

To learn more, browse this website. Take one of our online pilot training courses. Come train with us in Carson City, NV.

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