Pilot Training

Learn to fly light-sport airplane and weight-shift control trikes with industry leader, Paul Hamilton at Sport Aviation Center LLC.

Five full-time instructors, numerous aircraft, excellent flying weather year round, and FAA Examiners (DPE) all in one location to make it easy for you to…

  • Obtain your Sport Pilot or Private Pilot license to fly an airplane LSA
  • Obtain your Sport Pilot or Private Pilot license to fly a trike LSA
  • Become a Sport Pilot Certified Flight Instructor (CFIS) for airplane or trike

If you are a student pilot, aircraft owner, pilot or returning pilot, virtual pilot, aviation mechanic, or flight instructor this is the place to find all information and training resources in one central location.

Aircraft to Learn to Fly

You can choose the aircraft to fly from one of the greatest number of LSA available in the US.


The Airplane Factory Sling 2

The Sling has the best handling characteristics, modern glass panels, and convertible top to make this the best LSA airplane in its class. This is our primary airplane for Sport and Private training and FAA certification.


Cessna 162 Skycatcher

Cessna 162 Skycatcher N3034Y available with Flying Start Aero for flight training and rental. This Skycatcher is a nice flying airplane with Cessna doing a great job of providing a LSA.


Zodiac 650

The popular Zodiac updated 650 available for flight training and rental. This is a popular LSA and a great airplane in which to learn to fly and transition with if you’ve purchased and built the kit edition.


Evolution REVO

For you trike enthusiasts, get trained in the top of the line Evolution REVO, which is the best trike available in the world today, with the easiest handling and most forgiving flying characteristics.

View of Lake Tahoe from Washoe Valley


Sport Aviation Center LLC offers LSA pilot training at Carson City Airport in Carson City, NV.

Our location in the High Sierra Desert near Lake Tahoe, with year round relatively temperate weather conditions, is a big plus – you can log more flying hours faster and get your certification quicker.


Flight & Ground School Courses

We feature the Hamilton Pilot Training System (HPTS), a flight and ground training system to teach you to learn to fly, and instruct in (if you wish), light sport aircraft including fixed-wing aircraft (airplanes), weight-shift control aircraft (trikes), to become a Sport Pilot, Sport Pilot Certified Flight Instructor (CFIS), or Private Pilot.

Zodiac preTakeoff cockpit view-home-page

eLearning & Simulator Flight Training

We also provide LSA pilot information and training resources including conventional ground school, flight training, simulator flight training, books and printed materials, and digital e-Learning with ebooks, as well as, web-based on-line Aviation eLearning.


Train With The Best

As you can see, we have great facilities, a year round location, comprehensive training system, numerous aircraft, and excellent flight instructors ready to assist you in your adventure of becoming a pilot and learning to fly.