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Paul Hamilton

Paul Hamilton owns and manages Sport Aviation Center and organizes the flight and training for the Light-Sport Aircraft. Paul is honored to have these additional flight instructors working with you for Flight and Ground training.

Matt  Bowers – ATP, Airplane CFI, CFII, Commercial, Instrument

Matt Bowers has the Airline Transport Pilot rating to fly the jets. He has extensive experience with light sport aircraft.  Matt provides quality instruction for Sport to Private to Commercial, tailoring the pilot to the task. A great asset for all pilots.


Travis Riebesell – Weight-Shift Control trike CFIS

Travis is the May thru September full-time summer trike intro discovery flights and primary WSC CFI. Travis flies formation together with Paul for the two in the air at the same time intro discovery flights.


Bob Harington –  Airplane and Weight-Shift Control trike CFIS

Bob has extensive aviation experience as a military chopper/commercial airplane pilot. He is now retired as an Army Colonel where he commanded aviation operations in Nevada. Bob started flying trikes long ago in the ultralight days and now has the highest ratings possible for trike – Private Pilot, CFI plus an FAA Maintenance Repairman rating for light-sport aircraft.


Bill Drake – Airplane CFI

Bill is the veteran flight instructor and was the first CFI to take the lead teaching and flying Light-Sport Aircraft. He has been a pilot for over 45 years with over 20,000 hours of flying time, of which 6000 hours was as a flight instructor. He has flown over 120 different models. He has owned and/or managed several different flight schools and is presently doing flight instruction with Sport Aviation Center.

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