These are the steps to take to add a Category/ Class to your pilot certificate (such as sport or private pilot airplane adding additional category sport pilot weight-shift control trike).

How To Add a New “Category and/or Class” for all Pilots and Certified Flight Instructors at the sport pilot level

For all Pilots and Sport Pilot Certified Flight Instructor (CFIS) this is a Proficiency Check to obtain privlages at the sport pilot level.

First lets understand what is a category and a class.



Distinct Category/Classes

To add a category or class at the sport pilot level, two CFI’s are needed per 61.321. The first one for a training/recommendation, the second one for the proficiency check as follows.

CFI #1

CFI #2

For adding Private pilot trike
For adding an additional private pilot category (such as Private pilot weight-shift control trike to private pilot airplane), than all the requirements for a private pilot must be met. See private pilot training for more on this. See additional private pilot privileges for differences in private pilot and sport pilot trike and reasons why one may be better than the other for you.

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