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ROTAX 912 Operators Intro eLearning Course

An on-line eLearning course for renters, students, pilots, owners and mechanics is now available at

Start of Fuel Lesson

This is needed by FBO’s, schools, instructors, and manufacturers to qualify operators for “basic” operating the ROTAX 912 engines. This is especially important for pilots and mechanics transitioning from classic aircraft engines (Continental/Lycoming) to the ROTAX 912. This course provides video from ROTAX industry experts Phil Lockwood and Dean Vogel plus classical text covering the proper oils, fuels, coolants, cold starting and idling. Successful completion of a fifteen question quiz/test at the end provides a certificate to assure the basic operation of the ROTAX 912 is understood before use of the aircraft. This course is initially free but will be a fee based after the trial period.
Instructions on how to create an account, select a lesson and get started with a lesson click here -> SignUpAndUse. This is a PDF file that provides the specific steps.

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